5 Years:

posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:36 PM by Arthur Fudge

What does it feel like?
5 years without you.

Silence has taken up residence
Where your laughter used to be

And though I try to see you
Grown and mature at almost 22
Yet you remain ever 16 (almost 17)
In my mind’s eye

This is the loss,
Both greater and deeper
Than any words
Can convey

5 years.

Photos remain unchanged
Upon our mantle
Year upon year

And the silence continues.

Your blue eyes and quick smile
Remain in my mind
Ready at a moment’s notice
But the voice I used to hear has faded

Oh how I miss it.

We gather on special days
To talk to you and remember you
All your family, but we separate.

And the silence continues.

We take comfort in signs
That come our way
Your breaking of the silence
On some special days

Butterflies and Dragonflies
And warm feelings of love
Come unexpectedly
From high above

At this 5 year mark
As we struggle through
Signs are so needed
From sweet, special you

You held all our hopes
And dreams
You were our future
And still are, it seems

So we think of you today
And feel you near
Living on deep in our hearts
You are always here

Thinking of you, Chris, on your 5th angel date November 12, 2008
Luv, aunt Karen