6 years

posted Nov 11, 2009, 9:16 AM by Karen Paul

Why can’t I hear

Your voice anymore?

Echoes in my mind…

Like waves on the shore


How is it possible

Six years have gone by?

How have we lived

How have we survived?


One day at a time

Is all I can think

No choice given

No time to blink


We move on forward

But it will never be fair

Your life cut so short

We’re so much aware


Living life without you

Will never be right

Our laughter and smiles

Never quite as bright


A part of us went with you

That cold November day

And part of you stayed

Deep in our hearts tucked away


I think of you

Every single day

Your smile, your laughter

Your charming way


You are missed so much

All the days of the year

But fall is especially tough

For us left down here


The depth of our loss

Can never be measured

But your brief life

Will always be treasured


I can see you smile

About my rhymes

Yours so much better

I miss them all the time


My nephew

The wanna be rappa

Mr gangsta in suburbia

Mr cool, mista dappa


We long to feel you

Nearby us you see

Especially on this

6yr anniversary


luv you Chris – Karen, November 12, 2009