Happy 21st Birthday:

posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:32 PM by Arthur Fudge
Twenty-one Years

Twenty-one years ago today
Your dad rung me on the phone to say
Karen, you’re an aunt!
I was overjoyed and blown away!

In Buffalo, that mighty town
You were born on December 1
A light shone on our family
Never, ever to be undone

You were such a cute young kid
With clear blue eyes and blonde, blonde hair
Just like your mom so many said
With your outgoing ways and special flare

A cute nose just like your dad
And “Bascom humor” you possessed
Always followed by that silly giggle
Infectious to all, so filled with zest

Your love of sports and games
Is legendary here
Though being a Red Sox fan
Always seemed to bring a tear

Through it all you lived your life
To it’s fullest every day
With cherished friends and family
You blessed along the way

You always were so cheerful
Your smile lit up our world
The time we spent together
Fun and laughs unfurled

The memories we share of you
Are all we have these days
And they must carry us along
Until again we meet your gaze

Twenty-one years ago today
Our lives were changed forever
I cherish every moment of you
And all the times we were together

On this day which marks your birth
We gather all together
To celebrate the life you lived
You’re in our hearts forever

Happy Heavenly 21st Birthday Chris!
Luv, aunt karen
December 1, 2007