Happy 21st Birthday:

posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:33 PM by Arthur Fudge

Happy Birthday my dearest Christopher
Sweet child of my heart
21 years ago today you were born
And I loved you from the start.

I held you in my arms
And I looked at your precious face
You were so very small and peaceful
A mother and child’s first embrace.

I never knew that I could love someone
As much as I love you
The gift of being your mother
Is what I was meant to do.

That gift I’ll always cherish
It’s embedded within my soul
Today is December 1st
And you would be 21 years old.

21 years is such a milestone
So many dreams I had for you
You were loving, caring and kind
Those simple dreams all came true.

But the other dreams are gone
They were snuffed out on that November eve
Your life was taken away
Something I still can’t believe.

Please understand why I’m sad
You should be here to celebrate your day
Instead I’m reading this poem
And standing at your grave.

You see my heart is hurt today
It’s bruised, it pained, it’s sore
I want to see your smiling face
Like so many birthdays before.

Everyone misses you terribly
But no other quite like me
All I can do for you today
Is simply decorate your star tree.

It will shine brightly throughout the night
You’ll see it from above
I’ve decorated for you and only you
With my heart pouring over with love.

December 1st will always be
A day especially just for you
21 years ago today
All of my dreams came true.

Happy Birthday my dearest son
Sweet child of my heart
Although we’re not together
We will never be apart.


Dec. 1, 2007