posted Dec 23, 2008, 1:44 PM by Arthur Fudge
Just went through my son's little league schedule and we have a game soon in East Greenbush. I can remember last July seeing Dylan's face during his game when you and your friend came down on your bikes to watch him. He was so excited and tried very hard to prove his talent in front of you. Even though he did not get a hit that inning Christopher told him he had a good hit even though he got thrown out. It was a lousy hit for my son but Christopher knew the right words to say to my son to make him feel ok about getting out. This was just one of many facts to prove how caring you are for others feelings. We play for Brunswick Little League and our hats are the MLB Red Sox hats with the B on them. You are probably thrilled seeing Gary wearing this on his head. "Go Mets!!".
Love you and miss you Chris

P.s. Did I ever tell you that your Mom is #1 !! "Love Ya Amy!!"