posted Dec 23, 2008, 1:44 PM by Arthur Fudge
Chris was the most special and individualistic person one could meet and we feel so blessed to have known him during the short time he was here. The one thing we regret the most is not really realizing how incredible he was until it was too late. His presence was incomparable to anyone else's. Chris could make you feel  cheerful, and completely flattered at any given moment and even all at the same time.

He had this charm and charisma that was noticed by all who were in his presence. He had a way with words in which he could talk practically anyone into doing anything for him.

When you got to really know Chris, you learned that he would do absolutely anything for his friends and you knew you could trust him with your life. You could talk to Chris about anything and he was always there to listen to and understand every word and feeling.

Chris also had the greatest sense of humor you could find and with his one of a kind laugh and widespread smile, you could not help but be sucked in by his hilarity. Of all  the pictures we have seen of Chris from the past  years we couldn't help but  notice that there was not one picture  that did not have his beautiful smile in it. His smile would completely light up his face and when you looked into those eyes of his, you couldn't help but get the greatest feeling inside. What we would not give to see that smile one last time.

There are not enough words or feeling to describe how incredible a person Chris was. He had touched so many people's hearts during the
time that he was here. His innocent and loving soul was taken away from us far too soon, but in all our hearts he left a piece of him behind and because of this, Chris will live on forever. We Miss You & will always remember you.

Love, Rick, Donna, Beth, Kyle & Joshua