posted Dec 23, 2008, 1:45 PM by Arthur Fudge

I remember 16 years ago my friend Amy was coming home from college. I could not wait to see her. When she got out of her car I was thinking "Let the Partying begin." Then she opened her passenger door and took out an infant car seat. I was wondering who she was baby-sitting. When she walked into my parents house and showed me this little bundle of joy. When I saw his eyes, I knew he was her son. Needless to say, she was not their to party it was time to be a MOM! Brian and Amy were such wonderful parents. Anything Chris wanted somehow some way Chris got. He was so well mannered and outgoing. He did have bad taste in baseball teams, but I blame that on his dad! Whenever he came to our house wearing a Red Sox hat. My husband would just flip it off of his head." We are Mets Fans." I remember Gary quizzing him about baseball and he knew all the stats for even our Mets. We used to spend a lot of time camping with Chris, Shawn and Nicole. Chris would spend hours entertaining my boys in kickball games all day long, Instead of being the normal teenager and wander around. It was like I brought my own baby-sitter. Sometimes his wild side came out. Frogs were flying into the fire place one night. I knew they were not hopping there themselves. Ha, Ha. I owe Chris a huge thank you for helping Bob out on the Internet all the time. I worked so hard one night to try to explain to Bob how to turn the damn computer off. I kept saying "Click on the Red X in the upper right and corner." Bob could not figure it out. I made him wake Christopher up and have him do it.

Thinking of you always Christopher,Amy,Bob & Brian