posted Dec 23, 2008, 1:46 PM by Arthur Fudge

I don't even know where to start on my thoughts of Chris. Chris was truly something special. Not only was he my boyfriend, he was my bestfriend. I have never felt so close to someone before and I knew I could tell him anything. This horrible accident has effected everyone. He brightened peoples days, Chris would be the first person there to cheer someone up. He didn't even have to know them, and he wouldn't give up until he saw them smile. He cared about everyone. I have never seen a teenage boy so close with his family. I send love you all of you and hope you stay strong. There's not a second I don't think about him, always wishing I could have more great memories. I will never look at scrambled eggs the same or forget the way he would run into things. I miss everything about him, the way he would make me so happy, or waiting for me at my locker, with my locker open and my books ready to walk me to my next class. I love you Chris and you will forever be in my heart.

~ Love Katie