posted Dec 23, 2008, 1:47 PM by Arthur Fudge

chris, was such a great person.. He always knew how to make people laugh no matter what kind of mood they were in.. I remember one day wen i was with my friend steph ,i was in a bad mood, and he just said something so funny but didnt even make sence. It made me laugh and
i felt bette...At a softball game that he went to with my friends and i we were cheering the team on and chris was one of the loudest ppl heering the team on, we almost got kicked out for cheering to much, and i remember chris jus SCREAMING out "A IF FOR EFFORT!!!" and were like chris nooo its E!! and hes like no A!! hehe.. Chris was such a nice kid, he will stay together and forever in our Hearts

Christina. Izzo