posted Oct 6, 2009, 10:15 AM by Karen Paul

Autumn is Here!


Autumn  is here; you can smell it in the air.

The leaves are just beginning to turn.

Days are shorter and weather’s colder.

For beloved Chris, we continue to yearn!


This had been a year of major events.

On the national scene we have a new president.

Grandma Jan and Gramps celebrated 50 wedded  years;

Wondering just where all those years went!


Donnie turned 90 and a party was held.

Chris’ dad Brian and Ruth are now married.

Kyle and his family left Boston town;

To Charleston, SC their possessions they carried.


Next week Chris’ step-sister will marry Mike

For those in our family it will be bittersweet

Because we know we will never see

Our Chris with a bride, oh so sweet!


Autumn is here; we must be reconciled.

Many things change, just like the seasons.

We wonder sometimes about life’s events;

For Chris’ death, there still seems no reason!


Grandma Jan, September, 2009