posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:15 AM by Arthur Fudge
"The best Christmas gift"

The best Christmas gift
I have ever received
Wasn't wrapped up with ribbon
Or placed under the tree

It didn't come with a card
Or a bow or sweets
And I'm sure
There was no gift receipt

For this was the sweetest
Gift of all
It was warm and cuddly
And also rather small

I was given the gift
Of being an aunt
The best Christmas gift
I ever could want

You had that twinkle
In your eye
As if St. Nick
Were standing by

And you would be our
Santa Claus
And all would be jolly
No hestitation or pause

So Christopher
My sweet nephew
Every Christmas
I will be so blue

For never again
Shall there be in truth
A Christmas gift
As sweet as you

Luvu, Aunt Karen