posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:16 AM by Arthur Fudge
“I Miss You”

I miss you so much
I don’t know what to do
Every day I struggle
I barely make it through.

I miss you so much more
With every passing day
I ask myself and others
Why couldn’t you stay?

I miss your golden smile
And your beautiful blue eyes
You are all that I think of
When I look to the skies.

I miss your laughter
When you entered into a room
Now it’s so silent
Because you left too soon.

I miss our special talks
That we had every day
The things we’d still be discussing
If only you were here today.

I miss the double ring
On the telephone
And “How was your day?”
Each night when I came home.

I miss your sense of humor
And all of your rhymes
Especially the phrase “Safe Trip”
That you said all the time.

I miss the noise of the computer
As you “IM’d” all your friends
And all the loud music
You’d play until days end.

I miss the baggy pants
The bandanas and RedSox hats
The daily history questions
And every player’s stats.

I miss the “Hi Mom”
It rings loudly in my head
The kiss and hug each night
Before you went to bed.

I miss your sweet voice
If only I could hear it again
All the little squeezes
And so many of your friends.

I miss my little boy
Even though you were so grown
It’s so very empty here
Without you at home.

I miss you, Christopher
You consume my every day
Just as you always did
In every single way.

I miss the “I Love You’s”
That was said every day
When I close my eyes tightly
It’s still what you say.

“I love you, Mom”
“I love you, too”
You are always with me
In everything I do.

Missing you so much, Mom