posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:17 AM by Arthur Fudge

Remembering You, Christopher

I can't stop thinking of you each day and every night;
Sometimes I sigh and smile, but mostly tears I shed.
I remember all the happy times,
But think of empty years ahead.

I must not dwell on what you will miss,
Nor what we'll miss without you.
I'll try to think of all you were,
And the joy you brought us, too.

As our first grandchild,
You held a special place.
There never, ever was
A cuter child's face!

Your perpetual smile with those blue, blue eyes
Stayed with you all your days.
And all your wonderful character traits
Continued to be your ways.

Fun and witty,
Selfless and kind
Loving and helpful;
You were one great "find"!

Compassionate and loyal,
A devoted son;
To all who knew you,
You were number one!

Some wonderful memories Gramps and I share
Of all the times we spent with you.
We had fun playing cards and games;
You even did work for us, too.

But the very best times by far
Were the trips we took together;
Those memories of times we spent
Death cannot--and will not--sever!

We had such fun as we traveled about,
And you learned a lot, as well.
You loved all the people that you met;
Listening to what everyone had to tell!

But now, you see, I'm sad again;
In April we were to go
To visit the state of VA
So more history you could know!

We thought our trip last spring with Donnie, you, and us
Would be the last one you'd want to make--
(You'd have better things to do.)
But you made it very plain that more trips we'd undertake!

So, we'll never go on another trip
Without you at our side;
No one else will see you;
From all of them you'll hide.

There will be a special link
That ties us to you that way,
Until we actually see your face
In heaven again someday.

But 'til that time I'll shed more tears
And hope I'll laugh some, too,
'Cause that is what you'd want me
And everyone else to do.

Gramps and I miss you so!!
Love, Grandma Jan
March 10, 2004