posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:17 AM by Arthur Fudge

Finding it Hard

I’m finding it rather hard
To go on about my day
Thoughts of you slip into my head
Bringing tears, to my dismay

I think I have a handle
I think I have a grip
But then I look into your eyes
And it all begins to slip

I try to smile, I try to laugh
I hear your giggle, your raps and rhymes
Remembering the fun we had
Through all those wild and crazy times

The problem arises don’t you see
When the present hits
Square in the face
With the force of a brick

I’m trying very hard
As I know you’d want me to
I stare at your photos
Trying to get my message through

You need to know
How much you’re loved
No matter where you are
And I’ll always think of you
Whether you’re near or far

You’re always in my heart, Christopher
Love you, Karen