posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:19 AM by Arthur Fudge


Another holiday has come
Without you by my side
It's Easter today
With no baskets to hide.

Filled with Kat Kat bars and mounds
Sour Patch and Swedish Fish
Please no jelly beans, Mom
Ok, whatever you wish.

Last year you were away
On a vacation filled with fun
Now it's a year later
And my world has come undone.

I hid a special gift
In your bag for you to find
It was your very own camera
To capture your special time.

I also included a card
That simply said "Hi, Son"
Happy Easter to you today
" I miss you, but have fun."

I found that card in your room
Soon after you left me
You saved it as a treasure
You left it for me to see.

Now that card from me to you
Is clasped tightly in your hand
You'll have it with you always
By your side I'll forever stand.

Please smile when you read it
And laugh a little, too
It will always be a reminder
Of how much I love you.

Happy Easter, Lovey...