posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:20 AM by Arthur Fudge

A Prayer

Springtime is near,
Yet we feel no cheer;
Chris is not here.

As April unfolds into May,
There's never a good day;
We pray to God to make it OK.

To see family and friends so sad
Makes everyone feel real bad.
Will we ever again feel glad?

We miss Chris so very much;
If only him we could reach out and touch,
And see his face, blue eyes, and such.

His was a smile beyond measure.
The sound of his laughter we'll always treasure.
He brought to people so much pleasure.

We must go forth, yet remember,
His spirit always a glowing ember--
This boy who was born the first of December.

He would not want us to continue to cry.
He'd say, "Keep on going – give life a try;
I'm watching you as a star from the sky."

But how to move beyond our grief
Over one who's life was far too brief?
Dear God, provide us some relief.

Please help us heal
From this pain we feel.
Guide us to live with renewed zeal!

We need to honor Chris this way,
Dispersing good in what we do and say.
With laughter and smiles every day.

But, God, we continue to despair;
We offer up this fervent prayer –
Keep Chris loving in your care.

We cannot tell you how much we miss
Everything about our beloved Chris,
So for each of us, give him a kiss.

Grandma Jan and Gramps and all of Chris' family