posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:21 AM by Arthur Fudge
For Andrew on his 3rd Birthday
(May 8, 2004)


You had a wonderful cousin
And Christopher is his name
You will never really know him
And your life won't quite be the same
He held you when you were a baby
He smiled when you began to talk
He loved to hold your hand
As soon as you began to walk.

He laughed when he saw you
Especially at your curly hair
You were his only cousin
He loved you beyond compare.

He pushed you on the swing
And helped you on the slide
Whenever you were together
You were always side by side.

He played with you in the pool
And tossed the ball to you
He loved to read you books
You giggled through and through.

You watched him play volleyball
It was his very best game
Your eyes focused on him
As he served and took aim.

He saw you after the game
On the bleacher stand
He swooped you right up
And you walked hand and hand.

It would be the last time
No chance to say goodbye
He's watching over you now
From high above in the sky.

As you continue to grow
Think of him all the same
You had a wonderful cousin
And Christopher is his name.