posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:21 AM by Arthur Fudge

May 4, 2004

Fourteen years ago today
When you were three years old
You bore our rings down the aisle
You and Evan stole the show

But we were happy to concede
We just could not defy
Your dancing feet and happiness
Were infectious to all nearby

You made our day so special
We laughed and sang and danced
And you would have stayed all night
If you had been given a chance

As I recall that happy day
So many years ago
There are many things that are good
But things I would change also

Keith and I are happy together
You started us on our way
You made our day so special
With your smile and happy play

We thought you’d have a cousin
Through us one day for sure
But God has a different plan
For each of us in our turn

So we decided that we could be
Happy through the years
Enjoying our nieces and nephews
It seemed that our purpose was clear

Being your aunt and uncle
We enjoyed everything about you
Your laughter and smiles, and bright blue eyes
We cherished every moment anew

It is hard to imagine on this day
As we celebrate 14 years together
That you have left us far too soon
Our heartbreak will last forever

So we will toast to you tonight
Uncle Keith and I
Our beautiful nephew Christopher
Who looks down on us from the sky

xxoo Aunt Karen