posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:22 AM by Arthur Fudge

Oh how much it means
You've come to me in my dreams
To see your beautiful smile
If only for a while.

Seeing your sweet face
My pain is suddenly erased
And those blue, blue eyes
There's no need to cry.

Dreams are so real
The clasp of your hand I feel
I hear every word spoken
My heart is no longer broken.

You're handsome and grown
You've come back home
Where you're supposed to be
Here on earth with me.

Dreams of you tonight
Everything seems so right
Happiness fills my heart
We will never be apart.

Your laughter is loud and clear
As you begin to disappear
Into the bright blue sky
Now I begin to cry.

From my dreams I awake
For my soul you will take
It's forever yours to keep
As you gently go to sleep.

Love, Mom
August 2, 2004