posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:23 AM by Arthur Fudge
Thinking of You
Aug. 8, 2004

When I see fireflies in the evening
I think of you.
We would chase and catch them
In jars we could see through.

When I see ripe bananas
I think of you.
In milkshakes, for breakfast
You'd drink one or two.

When we see the game of bocce ball
We think of you.
We used to play with "our" rules;
Just having fun would do!

When we think of trips
We think of you.
We enjoyed the scenery
And learned history, too.

When American history comes to the fore
We think of you.
Grandma Jan was so happy
That you loved it, too!

When we look at our shed
We think of you.
You were the last to paint it red
To earn some money and help us, too.

When we see limbs scattered on the lawn
We think of you.
Even as a wee boy you picked them up;
Nothing was too much work for you to do.

When we look at your pictures
We think of you.
Your blue eyes and smile
Always come shining through.

When we see "anything" Red Sox
We think of you.
Grandma Jan liked them,
But not as much as you!

When we see a Pizza Hut
We think of you.
How you loved their bread sticks
And their pizza, too.

In fact, dear Christopher,
We think of you
No matter the occasion--
What we see, or what we do.

Everything brings forth memories;
And makes us think of you.
More often than anyone knows,
We think of you!

Love, Grandma Jan and Gramps