posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:23 AM by Arthur Fudge

Seasons come and go
Like the tides in the sea
Seasons keep on changing
They’re so different now to me.

Spring brings new life
To trees and pretty flowers
This year it brought sadness
In gloomy days with showers.

Spring brings the green grass
And the opening of the pool
It usually brings a smile
As you ended another year in school.

Spring wouldn’t bring this year
The Junior Prom for you
Or your driver’s license
Two goals you longed to do.

Summer came and went
In fact it was barely here
Days filled with rain and cold
Few days that were sunny and clear.

On those few nice summer days
We tried so hard to have fun
Swimming, darts and badminton
Not the same without you, my son.

Summer brings bon fires
And all those fire flies
It brings vivid memories of you
Through all my silent cries.

Summer brings the Red Sox
They will never change their ways
Bringing misery to their fans
Another summer of dismay.

This summer covered your marks
Where you played basketball ‘til dawn
Those dirt patches you created
Are now full of grass in the lawn.

And then there’s Fall and Winter
Seasons covered with scars
Those two horrible seasons
Are the hardest by far.

Fall is quickly approaching
With the wind and chill in the air
It’s the beginning of the school year
It’s the season of despair.

Perhaps that very fact
Is the hardest to understand
It should be your senior year
Walking with your girlfriend hand and hand.

Fall brings volleyball games
The sport you loved to play
Your team is lost without you
On their shirts your name is displayed.

Fall brings the saddest day
That could ever possibly be
That horrible day in November
That day when you left me.

Winter is not far behind
It brings December one
The day that you were born
A day that should be filled with fun.

Instead winter will always be
A season so cold and dark
Not only is it your birthday
Thanksgiving and Christmas make their mark.

Those winter days will never be
Filled with laughter and joy
A season filled with reminders
Of my very special boy.

Seasons will come and go
But the memories will never fade
Seasons filled with you, my son
And the impact that you made.

Love Always, Mom