posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:26 AM by Arthur Fudge

"Miss You More"

We miss you more
Than words can say
We miss you more
Each and every day

You should be 18 soon
With so much ahead
Growing taller, growing deeper
And laughing with friends

Hunting for colleges
And planning your future
Celebrating Red Sox victory
And partying to be sure

You should be leading your team
To volleyball victory
Enjoying your senior year
And learning more history

But it’s almost a year
You’ve been gone
And we’re still listening
To your favorite songs

So hard to believe
You’re not here
Even after a year
It still seems unreal

Still crave the sound
Of your sweet voice
Your smiles and laughter
We’d take as our choice

You will always live on
In our hearts
To carry on your legacy
We’ll do our part

And you are with us
Wherever we go
In summer and winter
In rain and snow

We’ll try to keep the faith
You see
That some day
Together again we will be

You are cherished always,
Aunt Karen & Uncle Keith
Nov. 2, 2004