posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:28 AM by Arthur Fudge


November used to be a month of cheer
With Christmas approaching and Thanksgiving near,
But that’s not true of November this year!

It was at this time a whole year ago
That with our beloved Chris we had to let go
Despite our laments that it wasn’t so!!

We miss his phone calls and going on trips;
We miss his laughter, smile, and wit!
Gramps misses the rap which made him feel hip!!!

Following the Red Sox this baseball season
Kept making us search for some kind of reason
That would explain their phenomenal season!

We want to believe that in this Chris had a hand;
It all became part of his and God’s plan
That the Red Sox become champions of our great land!

But this doesn’t erase the sadness we feel
Nor the grief with which we constantly deal;
While we’ll never forget Chris, we want to heal!

Remember the good times, think less of the bad,
Because Chris would not want us all to feel sad
And negate all the happiness that we once had.

Nevertheless, we are sorrowful and blue;
Chris didn’t have the life that was his due.
There’s so much that he never knew!

His death has left a lasting scar
Which on everyone’s life is more than a mar!
We’re left to view him as a faraway star.

But we’ll always treasure those other Novembers
With wonderful memories we all can remember
Including Chris’ birthday the first of December.

So at this time when we feel very low
And wish over and over that “this” isn’t so,
We miss Chris more than anyone will know!

Love, Grandma Jan and Gramps