posted Dec 24, 2008, 11:28 AM by Arthur Fudge
“That Magic Evening”

Remember that night?
It was the best one of all
Just Mom and Chris together
On our way to the mall.

We planned it on Sunday
We’d go on Monday night
With Christopher driving
Holding the wheel extra tight.

You need practice on the highway
And defensive driving too
Parking in tight spaces
Maneuvering a thing or two.

But that night was so much more
Than driving that red car
Talking and laughing with you
Was the very best by far.

With you birthday on the horizon
To the stores we would go
To buy those perfect outfits
You’d try on and then show.

“How do I look, Mom?”
“Is it too big or too small?”
Those words at age 16
Tugged on my heart most of all.

It mattered what I thought
From the most precious boy
To have his mother’s approval
Brought me such incredible joy.

We tooled around that mall
Laughing and singing songs
We were in our own world
Best friends all night long.

“I want an Orange Julius, Mom”
“Do you want one too?”
You wouldn’t let me pay
Instead you thanked me for all I do.

You put your arm around me
And said “can I take you out to eat?”
It’s getting late, we should go
But that offer was oh, so sweet.

“Mom, sing the 50 states song”
I gladly started my tune
As we walked to the parking lot
Lit only by the moon.

I can still hear your giggle
As we talked about everyone
I can still hear your voice
Conversation between mother and son.

“Mom, will you make me my favorite?”
Doritos, chocolate milk and grilled cheese
“Can we stop and buy those ingredients?”
Ok, Lovey – whatever you please.

Your smile was greater than life
Your happiness shining through
Your blue eyes so vibrant
Not because we bought things new.

But because you simply were
The happiest I ever saw
You were a beaming ray of light
Walking above the ground ten feet tall.

As you went upstairs to bed
You hugged me and said thank you
“Good night Mom, sleep well”
“I love you.”

That night was so very special
One I’ll hold forever in my heart
I never would have dreamed
The next day we’d be torn apart.

Remembering you is easy
Memories will always unfold
Especially that magic evening
Live eternal in my soul.

Remembering November 10, 2003
Written November 10, 2004
Always, your Mom