posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:08 PM by Arthur Fudge
December 1, 2004

There’s a watch on my wrist
That needs to be replaced
The face is scratched and worn
The light burned out in May

I cannot get a new one
I wear it every day
We picked it together you and I
Smiling and laughing all the way

These are things I think about
On your 18th Birth Day
Today is filled with thoughts of you
And your loving, caring ways

Remember sledding down the driveway
At old West Glenville Road?
Oh what fun we had
Don’t land in the pond, you’ll hit a toad!

Remember when good ol’ Putnam
Took you for a ride
He pulled you on your skate board
Up and down the road you’d glide

And how you loved the kitties
They loved you too you know
You’d always ask about them
And I’d ask about yours also

Remember going boating
When you were very young?
You floated with your mom and dad
Uncle Keith let you drive, how fun!

And who could forget A Christmas Story?
You knew every line by heart
We watched it on your birthday
We’d laugh at all those funny parts

Well Chris, this is your day
I know you’re here somehow
You’ll be standing by us
Ringing bells to help others out

And we will gather together
With nothing but you in our hearts
And wishing you were here
To laugh with and play darts

Happy 18th birthday Christopher
Wherever you may be
Because I know in Heaven
They’re throwing you a grand party!

xxoo, Karen