posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:09 PM by Arthur Fudge
Time Goes On

Time passes, we’ve survived the fall
But we wish we had you rather than just “recall”.
You’re in our thoughts all the time;
We wish you were here to create new rhymes!

Thanksgiving will never be the same;
On your birthday and Christmas we felt almost insane!
But we know we must go on with life
And learn to deal with our awful strife.

About your goodness we wanted to yell
So for the Salvation Army we rang their bells
Your family and friends got together
Despite the windy and rainy weather!

We honored you this special way
Because it was your birthday.
We’ll do the same, year after year
And feel your presence very near.

Now we’re working to pass a law
Some of our legislators we even saw!
We want to end the “hit and runs”
So no one else will loose a son
In the same way we all lost you
And now don’t know what to do.

Hopefully from this will come some good
And our motives will be understood.
We do everything we do
For only one reason, and that is YOU!
We will always miss you!!

With love, Grandma Jan and Gramps