posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:11 PM by Arthur Fudge

We’re on vacation with you in our hearts,
But, oh, how we wish you could be a part!

We’re in Southwestern Florida by the Gulf of Mexico
Visiting places where you wanted to go.

At Myakka State Park on the tram and boat rides,
We wished so much that you were at our sides.

So many alligators and all kinds of birds;
The things that we learned and the sounds that we heard!

You’d have soaked it all up and remembered it all;
Your brain would have recorded all that you saw.

(Remember that night at Mt. Rushmore
When you repeated its history and some of its lore?

Oh, how excited you were that night
When the question you answered exactly right!!)

We’ve missed your knowledge, wit, and helpfulness,
Now, despite our fun, much is simply emptiness.

We miss you so and wish you were here,
But at least we feel your presence near.

We’ll continue to travel to places new,
But wishing you could be with us, too.

In spirit, at least, you’ll always be there
So, in our hearts, what we do you will share.

Much love, Grandma Jan and Gramps
April, 2005