posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:11 PM by Arthur Fudge
April 21, 2005

Where are you today?
The sun is bright
The world on display

Chris, have you heard
Us calling you?
In the middle of the night
And in the morning dew?

Have you heard your name
Repeated this week
On so many lips
You’re remembered in speech

Where are you today?
We miss you so much
No words can explain

Oh Chris you’d love
Our little Emma pup
You’d hug and squeeze her
And pick her up

And I know that Josie kitty
Misses you too
And Samantha and Tabitha
All the animals love you

Chris take good care
Of Putnam puppy
Up there in Heaven
I hope you’re both happy

So hard to grasp
That you’re not here
That you’re not coming back
Oh Chris, it’s to much to bear

We’re trying so hard
But what we want is you
It would bring us such happiness
Looking into your eyes of blue

Such happiness there would be
If we could just hear
The sound of your sweet laughter
Once more in our ears

Where are you today?
With us as we believe?
I feel your hug and pray

Someday again
We’ll see your sweet face
Hear your sweet voice
And feel your warm embrace

Until that glorious day
We’ll stick together
And carry on your legacy
So others will remember

love always, aunt Karen