posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:13 PM by Arthur Fudge

June 25, 2005

A young man
Strides across a stage
Accepts his diploma
Entering a new age

He is tall and proud
Blonde with blue eyes
With a big, bright smile
And a laugh to amaze

We, his family
Stand on the side
Cheering and clapping
So obvious is our pride

This is a dream
Shared since your birth
Watching you graduate
A day filled with mirth

Today is so different
Than we had imagined
No crowds cheering
No hugs for our graduate

You’re farther away
Than we thought you’d be
Harder to talk to, to laugh with
To hug and to see

So on this
Your graduation day
We plant a garden
In your memory

And in the middle
Shining bright
Is a solar star
For you to see at night

And stepping stones
There will be too
For you and Josie
To walk on through

Of course there will be
A Red Sox stone also
That is a must
Or a cold wind will blow

We will celebrate
Your life here with us
And know in Heaven
Graduation is glorious

Perhaps you and Alyssa
Will walk together
To accept your diplomas
As we pray and remember

All the love shared
All the fun times
All the laughter
All the Chris rhymes

Happy Heavenly Graduation Christopher!

Love, aunt Karen