posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:14 PM by Arthur Fudge

Thoughts of Chris
June 2005

Once again it’s that time of year
When the fireflies shine so bright;
They look like twinkling stars
Shining in the sky at night.

For so many, many reasons
They make me think of you;
We used to catch these bugs
Which twinkle just like you!

I miss doing that
And other things, too;
Like going on trips
With both Gramps and you!

Now when I visit places
I always think of you;
You’d be so excited
To see things that are new!

Wherever we go
We take your spirit with us,
But it’s not the same
As when you were right there with us!

We miss your phone calls;
We miss your voice;
We miss hearing you speak
Of Grandma Joyce.

Gramps misses your rap,
We loved all your rhymes;
We think of these things
All of the time!

We miss your smile
And your caring ways;
Although they’ll be with us
All of our days!

June has been so very hard
With so much to celebrate;
Your gram and grandpa’s anniversary
Which truly was first rate!

Your own graduation
Was the very worst part;
Everyone missed you
Deep within their hearts.

Your mom held a gathering
So all’d remember you;
We sent balloons soaring
Into the sky so blue.

In your honor a garden
Was designed by Mom for you
We all planted flowers
Yellow, white, and blue.

Mom will tend it
Like she cared for her little boy;
But the garden will not bring her
The same feeling of joy.

A law was passed in your name
To help folks from here on in;
Because to hit, run, and hide
Is really such a sin!!!

But despite all these things
And the good they impart,
For all the tears we’ve shed,
Our eyes still truly smart!!

We so wish you were with us
Each and everyday;
We miss you so much
That words cannot say.

Never an hour goes by
That we don’t think of you,
A grandson Donnie said,
“Is too good to be true”!!!

Lots of love, Grandma Jan
June 28, 2005