posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:15 PM by Arthur Fudge
My heart is aching much today
With thoughts of what your loss has done
To all your friends and family
For whom you were a special one

The one who carried forth
A future oh so bright
And with your smile and confidence
Shone on us love’s soft light

My heart is aching much today
I see it in their eyes
Your parents and step-parents
Each day just getting by

I wish I had uplifting words
Of love and courage and hope
But all I have is “I love you, I miss you”
And learning how to cope

There just are not enough words
To express this pain we feel
And time does not heal all wounds
We know it never will

There is a comfort for me though
That in your darkest hour
The gift of life you gave to others
Your legacy, the brightest flower

I grasp this goodness with all my heart
I need it like air to breathe
Your goodness and light continue
To bless others in their need

There you have it all
I’m at a loss again
No words, no words to express
My sweet nephew, my friend

“I love you, I miss you”

Aunt Karen
July 18, 2005