posted Dec 23, 2008, 2:10 PM by Arthur Fudge

(for all his friends)
He is a friend to remember,
a friend we love so much.
The memory runs through my mind
of the last time we touched.
He lived a life of happiness,
a life filled with love.
And from one little mistake he looks
down on us from up above.

He was always there to make you
laugh when your day was going wrong.
Where was he the day where we
had to say "so long?"

Why did it have to end
this way in so much pain?
Since he left this world, things have
never been the same.

I can no longer look forward to
tomorrows anymore,
because I know that they will never
be the way they were before.

Not seeing his face,
not hearing his voice.
I wish there could
have been some choice.

Life can begin and end so fast.
The memory of Chris Bascom will always last.

I wish there was some way
I could have said goodbye.
The thought of him runs through
my head as I look up in the sky.

Knowing he is looking down on us
with a smile on his face,
remembering the life he lived before
he left this place.

If his life didn't end so quick
he would have gotten far.

So as I end this poem I want you
to remember this:

Live your life to the fullest
because it could end real fast.
Base your life on the future,
but keep memories of the past

We miss you Chris, Rest In Peace