posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:19 PM by Arthur Fudge

"Two Years"

It's been two years, how can that be?
Two years without you and now it's just me.
Lost and sad, so empty and alone
What I wouldn't give to pick up the phone.
To talk to you, to just hear your voice
Instead we were ripped apart - we weren't given the choice.
Two years filled with sorrow and so many tears
But I'll always be grateful for your almost 17 years.
Years filled with smiles, laughter and joy
So many memories of my cherished little boy.
From baby to toddler, to boy to young man
Your Mom was and always will be your number one fan.
Two years seems so unreal; such a very long time
Since I heard your giggle and heard your rhymes.
Oh how I miss you, more than I can ever explain
But I see you in the sunshine, in the clouds and in the rain.
I see you in my dreams and when I close my eyes tight
I see you in the morning, all day and into the night.
Two years is an eternity - you've missed so much and more
Oh please, oh please, why won't you walk through the door.
And each time I hear that door, I hope and I wish
That I'll see your handsome face; the one I deeply miss.
I'd give anything in the world just to talk to you
I have so much to tell you - we have so much to do.
Two years I've shared our memories and I'll always say your name
Your spirit is alive; years gone by that won't ever change.
My heart for you is filled with such pride and eternal love
I miss you so much, Christopher, my angel up above.

Love, Mom
November 11, 2005