posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:22 PM by Arthur Fudge

We Miss Our Beloved Chris!

Another November and December
And we all have survived,
But it’s been sad and difficult
And we have cried and cried.

Because another year has passed
Without our cherished boy;
Another Thanksgiving and birthday
And Christmas without joy!

We rang the Salvation Army bells
As a way to celebrate
Christopher’s 19th birthday
But without a birthday cake!

‘ Twas a time for sharing
With others in need;
A plight that Christopher
Would always heed!

He wanted nothing more
Than for others to be happy
That he isn’t here with us
Is very simply crappy!!

But his life lives on
In the good things he did
And the people he encountered;
He was indeed a special kid!

Stars shining brightly
Remind us of his smile
And the twinkle in his eyes
That were with him all the while.

Our Christmas tree reflected him
‘ Twas lit with angels and stars
Presents were given in honor of him
Some close and others went afar.

Clothe-a-Child bought new clothing
For children who were without
And Salvation Army and Make-a-Wish
Brought happiness to others–of that, there is no doubt.

Thus the “seeds” he planted
While he was with us here
Continue to flourish and grow,
And become ever more so dear!

Another season has come and gone;
Nothing has been the same.
Of all the times in the past,
Memories are what remain.

We hold them close to our hearts
With thoughts of beloved Chris
We try to move forward,
But him we’ll forever miss!!

So while we miss him desperately
And feel so very sad,
We must remember that he was
The VERY BEST we could have had!!!

Written with both pride and sadness as 2005 ends and 2006 is ushered in,
Grandma Jan