posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:25 PM by Arthur Fudge

The Journey is Long

The journey is long
My feet are weary
The fight is hard
The obstacles many

How is it possible
That no one can see
How empty I am
What you mean to me

In the quiet places
Of my broken heart
You live on and on
While we are apart

Victim impact.
Do they really want to know
Have they buried a child
After watching him grow

Not enough words
To capture the soul
I scream in my head
He was here! He was whole!

But it seems no one hears
My silent screams
Justice? Ha.
What does that mean?

No one gets to speak
For Christopher its clear
We try and we try
But they will not hear

They choose to stay
Safe in their world
Where life goes on
Where they feel secure

They have no idea
How much we miss him
They seem not to care
We can no longer kiss him

Oh Lord, keep our Christopher
Safe in your arms
This world is too cruel
For his love and his charms

by aunt Karen
February 22, 2006