posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:25 PM by Arthur Fudge

Another Trip Without You

Another trip without you, Chris;
You were so very sorely missed!

Driving through the state of VA,
Thoughts of you all the way!

‘Twas Virginia that you wanted to go;
For all the history that you loved so!

We visited no sights–just drove straight thru;
Couldn’t “go there” without you!

Like your mom, we loved Charleston, too;
With very old houses and a bridge brand new.

Bus and carriage tours carried us about;
It’s a city of history, of that there’s no doubt!

Your spirit was with us as we saw all the sights,
But without you, in person, all was not right!

We traveled other places and had lots of fun;
It was blue skies and a bright, warm sun.

On two swamp tours we saw alligators and more–
You were beside us last time we learned swamp lore.

It was in New Orleans that you were with us;
What a wonderful traveler; you never did fuss!

That trip with you and all of the rest
Were vacations that were our very best!

We loved taking you along to so many places;
And now we just long to see your face.

While your spirit’s with us wherever we go;
We continue to miss you more than anyone knows!

With love, Grandma Jan and Gramps
April, 2006