posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:26 PM by Arthur Fudge

Sitting in my office
Conversations surround me
My mind is numb
No words reach me

Tears filled my morning
Coming from the depths
Once more to overwhelm me
Now I am numb

I am so scattered
There is no focus
I cannot focus

I long to sit
In a quiet place
And think about Chris
And write about Chris
And dream about Chris

As if by doing so
I could conjure him
Out of the air

I can hear his laughter
Like music to my ears
God, how I miss it!

Never knew. I never knew!
How could any of us know?!
And now...

There is this unending
Silence where Chris
Should be

So tired today
Scattered like leaves
In a strong wind

Can’t seem to
Gather myself up
Put on the mask
Go on with “life”

Can’t seem to
Muster the energy

luvu Chris
aunt Karen
August 7, 2006