posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:27 PM by Arthur Fudge

Three Years
November 12, 2006

The seasons change once more
As fall draws to a close
The trees are gray and bare
The leaves no longer colorful
Are curled and brown at our feet

The cold that seeps into the north
At this time of year
I find reflects so well
The barren landscape of my heart

Three years ago today
Our world came crashing down
A truth that could not be denied
A cold that would not leave
Settled in our hearts
As we tried to say goodbye

Chris how can it be
Three years without your smile
To warm us
Without your hugs and laughter
Your humanity

You have left your mark
On so many of your friends
Who remember you this day
As one they will never
Ever forget

On this day
That will forever mark
Your passing
In my mind
I find I must try
To remember all the joy
The good times
The smiles and the giggles

Or else this sadness
Will threaten to overwhelm me

So today I will light a candle
As a symbol of your light
Your soul is filled with love
And I believe
That we have more than
Angels watching over us
And “I Believe”

Always and forever,
Aunt Karen