posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:30 PM by Arthur Fudge

You Were There!

We just returned from a trip out west.
Crater Lake was beautiful,
But cruising the Columbia was the best!
There was so much history to learn about;
That great feats were accomplished
By Lewis and Clark there’s no doubt!
We kept saying we wished you were there;
You’d have enjoyed all the scenery,
And the Oregon history we did hear.
And then one night it was made very clear;
A lone firefly flew about our room
To show us you were indeed very near!
It comforted me greatly to know
That your soul was with us;
You were there ~ a firefly told me so!

Written by Grandma Jan on her and Gramps’ return
from a two-week trip to Oregon,
July 29, 2007