posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:31 PM by Arthur Fudge

Thinking of Chris Wherever We Go

To Ireland we journeyed, with you in our hearts
Even though, physically, we are apart.

We loved the country, its people, and songs;
That you weren't with us is just plain wrong!

Their history is fascinating and so very old,
And the Irish always have a tale to be told!

Grandma Jan even sang in an Irish pub
After a guy in the band gave her a hug!!

You'd have laughed and poked fun,
And probably even made some pun!

We're back home now, thinking of you;
But that is something we always do!

This weekend has been especially sad;
It's been four long years since we've felt really glad.

An unthinking person took you from us;
That you're now in God's hands we have to trust!

Our lives will nevermore be the same,
But in our hearts you will remain!

Missing and loving you always,
Grandma Jan and Gramps
November 12, 2007