posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:34 PM by Arthur Fudge


Why am I so sad today?
Time may hold the key
Not sure what has triggered it
So deep inside of me

Been doing ok in general
Though I miss you all the time
Thinking of the life you lived
And all the love you left behind

I guess it is just reality
Striking once again
Grasping just a little more
It is grief, my old friend

There’s a quietness inside of me
An emptiness, you see
Once filled with light and laughter
So lively and carefree

Now a contemplative silence
Deep inside my heart
Not knowing what to do
While we’re so far apart

At times your laughter comes to me
From a memory long ago
How is it so much time has passed
I simply do not know

But if I listen hard enough
It comes to me again
Oh how I miss that sound
Your laughter on the wind

And maybe if I’m lucky
I’ll see in my minds’ eye
Your beautiful smile once again
Lighting up the sky

I love you and miss you every day, Chris!

Aunt Karen
March 13, 2008