Witness History

posted Jan 21, 2009, 6:06 AM by Karen Paul

Today was an historic occasion; 

We welcomed a new president. 

There were millions to watch, 

Not one of them a dissident! 

Washington was overflowing 

With the throngs all there to see 

Barack Obama become President 

The inauguration, the place to be! 

An African-American in that post; 

He’s the first one of that color; 

We hope his administration 

Is successful; like no other! 

Our country is at a low point; 

There is much that needs a fix! 

Our perception from abroad, 

Add our economy to the mix! 

As I watched this event 

On the TV all day 

I wanted you here 

To learn what Obama did say. 

It was so historic, 

And that’s what you loved, 

So I hope you were watching 

From heaven high above. 

I cried as the day did unfold, 

Watching brought tears to my eyes. 

But also sad ’cause you weren’t here 

Why, oh why did you have to die? 

You’d have relished this day indeed; 

So many people now have hope 

That Obama will be able to mend 

A nation that’s currently broke! 

My most fervent wish is that 

You could have been here to see 

The inauguration of Obama 

Make real history! 

Grandma Jan, January 20, 2009