posted Jan 4, 2009, 5:34 PM by Arthur Fudge
The Beauty of the Monarch Butterfly 

While sitting in the hot tub one humid, summer night We watched many winged creatures overhead in flight. One was so large, we thought it was a bat, But it landed on a window screen and we knew it wasn’t that! A huge moth, thought we, but we were proven wrong; It’s wings keep opening and shutting; it stayed so very long. It’s radiant colors showed us it was a monarch butterfly! For ages it never left the spot and just remained nearby. How often do you see a monarch in the dark of night; Especially one that flicks its wings and doesn’t soon take flight? We think it bore the soul of our Christopher so dear And hung around to let us know that he is still quite near. But this not the only time a monarch behaved this way; One followed Amy all about at work, outdoors, one day! As she walked the steps to go inside the butterfly hesitated, Then it perched itself upon her and happiness resonated! She recognized the symbolism and felt her Lovey near; She spoke softly to the monarch while shedding a slight tear. ‘Twas a tear of sadness and longing, but also of delight, For then, and only then, did the butterfly take flight! The monarch’s mission was accomplished as we recognized That what we see before us is not seen only by our eyes!! We’re certain that Chris’ spirit was in a monarch butterfly; We must observe to discover other times he is nearby! 

Written by Grandma Jan, August 3, 2008