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Link to slide show

There has been a slide show created of Chris that we'd like to share with you. Go to the following link:

This slide show was created by David Long of Deadly Roads website. This website is dedicated to victims of Hit and Run and their families. It is about changing laws and raising awareness. Please take a minute to watch Chris' slide show and check out the website at for more information.




If you have any questions, please contact Karen Paul at 463-1092 x20 or





The Compassionate Friends

Deadly Roads


Past Fundraising Efforts

Chris' Legacy Benefit Concert_February 29, 2004

Chris' Legacy Summer Benefit_July 31, 2004

2007 Scholarship Awards:

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2007 Awards

On June 7, 2007 four deserving Columbia High School seniors were presented with The Christopher Bascom Memorial Scholarship.

Samantha Corvino
She is involved with Columbia Players, Columbia Iron Devils, Once Upon a Stage and is a member of National Honor Society. She played volleyball and has been performing with the dance team from Isabelle School of Dance where she now serves as an assistant teacher. She was voted most promising performer and won gold metals in bench, squat and deadlift. She volunteers by dancing at local nursing homes, does puppet eering for the Leukemia Society, and has twice donated her hair to locks of love. She has been told that her selflessness is her most endearing quality. She will be attending Slippery Rock with a double major in dance and math-chemistry. She states: “as I grew up, I realized that dance was not about fame, but of the art form it possesses. It takes technical skill, endurance and heart.”

Jesse Pavlick
He is involved with Student Council, ski club, Science Olympiad and is a member of National Honor Society. He has played soccer and lacrosse and has been on the high honor roll. He volunteers by teaching kids how to play lacrosse in the Columbia Youth Lacrosse League and has been an integral part of the Nick Pablo Memorial Fund. He knows all too well of the pain of losing a friend and one of his life goals is to carry Nick’s memory with him and spread it throughout the community with joy and laughter. He will be attending the University of Vermont majoring in environmental engineering. When thinking about both Christopher and Nick, this diehard Boston Red Sox fan quoted Babe Ruth from the movie The Sandlot - “Heroes are always remembered and legends never die.”

Lindsay Weir
She is involved in Science Olympiad, Future Business Leaders of America and is a member of National Honor Society. She was named as one of the two top scholars for Columbia High School’s graduating class, was on the principal’s high honor roll, served as the Science Olympiad’s team captain as well as earning 17 medals in the Olympiad’s competitions. She has volunteered to coach Goff’s Olympiad’s team and also volunteers as a nurse’s assistant in the Cardiac Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital. She will be attending Lafayette college with a double major – one in biology and for her love of history – one in policy studies with an ultimate goal of attending law school. In her essay she describes meeting Christopher - “I will never forget Chris. It was my first week of freshman year at Columbia, and with each passing day, the bus ride home from school seemed to become more and more unbearable. The constant taunting from the upper classman finally culminated with one sophomore placing a large piece of gum into my friend’s hair. After that day the teasing stopped, and it was all because of Chris. He was the only junior on the entire bus that defended the small, timid group of freshman that I was a part of. He did not yell, he did not scream. He simply said that everyone should just leave us alone, and they listened. That was when I realized that each person on that bus deeply revered and respected him. From that one act of kindness, that to some may seem small and insignificant, I could gather just how great of a person he truly was.”

Stephen Eames
He is very sports oriented, involved in both varsity basketball and volleyball where he has served as a captain for both. In addition to Columbia High School’s team, he has also been a member of AAU basketball and 518 volleyball club. He was honored with the marketing student of the year and business student of the year. He has worked with his family’s construction company and volunteered by ringing bells for Salvation Army on Dec. 1st in memory of Christopher. He will be pursuing accounting in college with a goal of obtaining his CPA’s and ultimately working in the private sector for a sports team. In his essay, he states: ”Chris was a dedicated student, volleyball player and friend. He always had a smile on his face and was always willing to help. Chris was a friend of mine and he taught me that hard work, dedication and being true to myself, are keys to success in whatever I do. I can only hope that after I leave this year that another volleyball player will take over my role and enthusiasm and without even knowing it, keep Chris alive at our high school. When I needed a friend, Chris was there. When I needed guidance on the volleyball court, Chris was there. When I needed camaraderie as a Red Sox fan in a sea of Yankee fans, Chris was there. Chris was one of a kind and can never be replaced. He was one of the good guys and I will carry him with me forever. He would have made a difference in the world and my hope is to live as Chris did, and change the world.”

2006 Scholarship Awards:

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2006 Awards

On June 8, 2006 five deserving Columbia High School seniors were presented with The Christopher Bascom Memorial Scholarship.

Kaitlyn Smith
She is involved with softball, volleyball, bowling, Amnesty International and is a member of National Honor Society. She has been honored through sports with the Sportsmanship Award, the Most Dedicated Award and MVP for softball. She has also volunteered her time with the Unity House Children’s program and rang bells for Salvation Army that honored Christopher. She will be attending Marist College majoring in communications and aspires to be an editor in chief of a major magazine. She states: “I feel that the way I have chosen to live my life and the values that I choose to live by make me completely original and unique. Because of divorce, the happiness of my parents matters more to me than the way I look to other people. I appreciate my parents more than they will ever know, and I have never been afraid to admit it. For this reason, I am unique.” 

Kayla White
She is involved with Interact, Peer Leadership, Student Council and is a member of National Honor Society. Also involved in sports, she played field hockey and lacrosse, received the most school spirit superlative and has volunteered her time and energies for causes such as Cystic Fibrosis and the Leukemia and Lymphonia Society. Heavily involved with Student Council, she rapped a song that she made up in front of her class when she was a freshman and continued through school with catchy slogans such as “step out of the box” eventually earning her the role of Executive Council President. She has organized many successful events and has done many creative things to allow her school to still have fun. She will be attending Providence College majoring in marketing communications. She states: “Leadership is about having a vision. I am a very passionate and energetic person and have learned through my role in student council to take charge, delegate responsibilities, be creative and exciting.” 

Theresa Symer
She is involved with Interact, Peer Leadership, SADD and is a member of National Honor Society. She played field hockey and was one of last year’s 13 Kids Who Care recipients. She is a go getter and has volunteered her time and energies at AMC, Challenger Sports and Christopher Bascom fundraising events. She single handedly silicited students and organized them for two straight years with the Salvation Army bell ringing that honors Christopher on his birthday and at the same time helps a wonderful cause. She will be attending SUNY Geneseo majoring in special education with a math concentration. Through her volunteering with Challenger Sports and the hospital, she states: “Helping others showed me that the important things in life aren’t about winning or losing, rather they are about enjoying yourself and others, helping and making others happy and living life to the fullest. It has provided me with a unique lens to see the priorities of life: facing challenges with determination, loving unconditionally and living every day like it is your last.” 

Alex Harrison
He is involved with Peer Leadership, is a member of National Honor Society and is and avid volleyball player. He has been the captain of his team, received the MVP award and was chosen as part of the suburban council all tournament volleyball team. He volunteers with the EGB basketball association, the DPS run for kids, Tri-City tennis and loves helping children at the Goff Garden Club. He is an avid history student and has a love for math and science. He will be attending Springfield College and has been accepted into the Dr. of physical therapy 6-year program. Recalling his volleyball games he states: “An errant dig sent the ball traveling toward the bleachers. Chris’ enthusiasm and will to win had him chasing after it, eventually getting to the ball and sliding straight into the bleachers. I learned about many of his characteristics that made him such a great person, things like his work ethic, will to win and compassion for others.” 

Stephanie Davidson
She is involved with SADD, Peer Leadership, cheerleading and is a member of National Honor Society. She was a volleyball manager on Christopher’s team, student of the month, heads Becca’s Closet and donated her hair to locks of love. She has volunteered her time as a cheerleading coach, tutors in Math, and speaks to elementary school students about the pressures of growing up through the DARE program. She also enjoys working with people and loves animals. She will be attending Western New England College majoring in Biology. She describes in her essay how she first met Christopher and states: “not only did I admire his personality and confidence, but also a bit of him rubbed off on me. He encouraged me to continue to help others by just giving them a hand or making them laugh and getting involved in the community. He would cheer me up whenever I was down. As I was attempting to figure out a plan of what I could do, I began thinking about Chris and how much of a difference he made in my life. Then I realized that I had made a difference in people’s life, even though I thought I was simply volunteering my time, I had affected other’s lives in a deeper sense.

2005 Scholarship Awards:

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2005 Awards

 On June 9, 2005 seven deserving Columbia High School seniors were presented with The Christopher Bascom Memorial Scholarship.

Sarah Abdella
She is described as out-going and positive and known to help anyone out. She also knows all too well about tragedy as her father passed away during her freshman year. She has overcome such adversities and has kept her family together. She worked as a soup kitchen volunteer, has been on the Principal’s high honor roll for 4 years and will major in production design for theatre at NY University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her dream is to start a theatre program for disadvantaged youth. Her senior quote is “follow your bliss”.

Alyssa Benjamin
She is known for encouraging others, true kindness, a great sense of humor and hysterical laughter – many personality traits that Chris possessed. She loves dance, is involved in peer leadership, and is the vice president of National Honor Society. She was responsible for working with and changing the behavior of a disturbed boy while working at Camp Olan – one of several places where she was a volunteer in her community. She will be majoring in journalism at Boston University with her ultimate goal being an editor in chief of a prestigious magazine. She is also a Yankee fan and attending school in Boston and knowing Chris and his Red Sox, she must be converted.

Kelsey Roman
She is described to us as humble, generous, witty and an “All American Girl.” When asked about that all American girl title her response was that if you believe in yourself and live true to your word, you live your life with honesty and integrity. She is involved with Key Club, Girl Scouts and Habitat for Humanity. She helped others by donating her hair to Locks of Love and was honored with the girls softball sportsmanship award. She will be majoring in technology education at SUNY Oswego and will continue to be involved in dance. She is acclaimed for “being happy”.

Elyse Buell
She is known for always being there for friends and family usually making witty remarks that bring out laughter in those around her. She has a genuine love for children and enjoys helping others. She has been on the High Honor Roll and was the club Ambassador for future business leaders of America. She plans on a career in Family & Consumer Science Education and will be attending SUNY Oneonta. She plans to come back to her roots and teach in the EGBC School District. She is acclaimed for laughing and falling upstairs – so Christopher.

Alyssa Barranca
She is described as having her bearings in tact and is known for talking, laughing and sleeping – 3 very distinct qualities of Christopher. She has been involved in peer leadership and interact and teaches Spanish to elementary school kids. She is also involved in her community by helping others at St. Joseph’s House and the Ronald McDonald House. She will be attending SUNY Oneonta and aspires to be a History teacher. Chris wanted to be a 8th grade American History teacher. Her senior quote – “live each day as if it were your last, no regrets”.

Kelli Donovan
She believes that working with children truly makes her a better person and she relates well with kids of all age groups. She deals with children on a regular basis through Sunday school, being a teacher aid at a daycare and through elementary Spanish tutoring. She is devoted to her family and has been involved in sports. In fact, she was one of Chris’ fierce competitors while playing basketball. She is active in National Honor Society and Key Club and has been on the high honor roll. She will be majoring in mathematics education at SUNY New Paltz and aspires to be a teacher at the high school level. Her senior quote – “if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain”.

Beth Lacey
She is known for being a true friend with a smile always on her face. She loves to write and has written articles for the Devil’s Advocate. While uncomfortable writing about herself, she could endlessly write about her family and friends. She states that because of the tragic loss of Chris, she has become a better person. She has been on the high honor roll, is in National Honor Society and played an instrumental roll in both of Christopher’s benefit fundraisers. She has also volunteered through Capital Communication Cares Foundation. She will be majoring in marketing with a minor in journalism at Hofstra University. Her senior will ends simply with – Crispy: Love Always.

2004 Scholorship Awards:

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2004 Awards

On June 10, 2004 two deserving Columbia High School seniors were presented with The Christopher Bascom Memorial Scholarship.

Lauren Pavlick
She helped fund raise money for charities and was nominated to attend the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. That nomination was an honor bestowed upon Chris that came in the mail after this untimely tragedy. She is involved in sports, represents her class in Student Council and had aspirations of going to Boston University - exactly where Chris wanted to go. She chose Marist College in order to help her family and will be majoring in communications. Her yearbook quote reads "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, that's all who ever have." Something Christopher would have said exactly.

James Murray
He has known Chris for a very long time and spent many days and nights at our homes. He has developed a great interest in physical fitness and became one of only five students at CHS to make All American in weightlifting. He is involved with the community by helping the Capital Region Habitat for Humanity and the WF Bruen Rescue Squad. He will be attending SUNY Cortland with a dual major, ultimately striving for a Master's Degree. He says that Christopher always made him smile and he wouldn't be the person he is todaywithout knowing Chris. In the yearbook he is acclaimed for making people laugh - something uniquely a part of Chris.

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