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2006 Scholarship Awards:

posted Jan 4, 2009, 8:29 PM by Arthur Fudge

2006 Awards

On June 8, 2006 five deserving Columbia High School seniors were presented with The Christopher Bascom Memorial Scholarship.

Kaitlyn Smith
She is involved with softball, volleyball, bowling, Amnesty International and is a member of National Honor Society. She has been honored through sports with the Sportsmanship Award, the Most Dedicated Award and MVP for softball. She has also volunteered her time with the Unity House Children’s program and rang bells for Salvation Army that honored Christopher. She will be attending Marist College majoring in communications and aspires to be an editor in chief of a major magazine. She states: “I feel that the way I have chosen to live my life and the values that I choose to live by make me completely original and unique. Because of divorce, the happiness of my parents matters more to me than the way I look to other people. I appreciate my parents more than they will ever know, and I have never been afraid to admit it. For this reason, I am unique.” 

Kayla White
She is involved with Interact, Peer Leadership, Student Council and is a member of National Honor Society. Also involved in sports, she played field hockey and lacrosse, received the most school spirit superlative and has volunteered her time and energies for causes such as Cystic Fibrosis and the Leukemia and Lymphonia Society. Heavily involved with Student Council, she rapped a song that she made up in front of her class when she was a freshman and continued through school with catchy slogans such as “step out of the box” eventually earning her the role of Executive Council President. She has organized many successful events and has done many creative things to allow her school to still have fun. She will be attending Providence College majoring in marketing communications. She states: “Leadership is about having a vision. I am a very passionate and energetic person and have learned through my role in student council to take charge, delegate responsibilities, be creative and exciting.” 

Theresa Symer
She is involved with Interact, Peer Leadership, SADD and is a member of National Honor Society. She played field hockey and was one of last year’s 13 Kids Who Care recipients. She is a go getter and has volunteered her time and energies at AMC, Challenger Sports and Christopher Bascom fundraising events. She single handedly silicited students and organized them for two straight years with the Salvation Army bell ringing that honors Christopher on his birthday and at the same time helps a wonderful cause. She will be attending SUNY Geneseo majoring in special education with a math concentration. Through her volunteering with Challenger Sports and the hospital, she states: “Helping others showed me that the important things in life aren’t about winning or losing, rather they are about enjoying yourself and others, helping and making others happy and living life to the fullest. It has provided me with a unique lens to see the priorities of life: facing challenges with determination, loving unconditionally and living every day like it is your last.” 

Alex Harrison
He is involved with Peer Leadership, is a member of National Honor Society and is and avid volleyball player. He has been the captain of his team, received the MVP award and was chosen as part of the suburban council all tournament volleyball team. He volunteers with the EGB basketball association, the DPS run for kids, Tri-City tennis and loves helping children at the Goff Garden Club. He is an avid history student and has a love for math and science. He will be attending Springfield College and has been accepted into the Dr. of physical therapy 6-year program. Recalling his volleyball games he states: “An errant dig sent the ball traveling toward the bleachers. Chris’ enthusiasm and will to win had him chasing after it, eventually getting to the ball and sliding straight into the bleachers. I learned about many of his characteristics that made him such a great person, things like his work ethic, will to win and compassion for others.” 

Stephanie Davidson
She is involved with SADD, Peer Leadership, cheerleading and is a member of National Honor Society. She was a volleyball manager on Christopher’s team, student of the month, heads Becca’s Closet and donated her hair to locks of love. She has volunteered her time as a cheerleading coach, tutors in Math, and speaks to elementary school students about the pressures of growing up through the DARE program. She also enjoys working with people and loves animals. She will be attending Western New England College majoring in Biology. She describes in her essay how she first met Christopher and states: “not only did I admire his personality and confidence, but also a bit of him rubbed off on me. He encouraged me to continue to help others by just giving them a hand or making them laugh and getting involved in the community. He would cheer me up whenever I was down. As I was attempting to figure out a plan of what I could do, I began thinking about Chris and how much of a difference he made in my life. Then I realized that I had made a difference in people’s life, even though I thought I was simply volunteering my time, I had affected other’s lives in a deeper sense.